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Free backcountry

Discovery of ski touring with specialized instructors.


Helping you acquire ski touring techniques involves successive but independent stages, from getting back into shape, to training for avalanche victims, to becoming independent in skiing, understanding and making your own mark.

We offer outings adapted to your level, alone or in a group, our instructors who supervise ski touring have completed specific qualifications.

They can also advise you on equipment, and help you find your equipment.



GREEN LEVEL – Prerequisites:

You practice skiing on green or blue slopes. You want to combine fitness and the pleasure of downhill riding. The practice location remains on the marked trails both uphill and downhill. The green level is also aimed at people who practice, for example, snowshoeing and who want to find pleasure in going downhill.


- Become familiar with the equipment (ski, binding, sealskin) in the up and down positions

- Develop the desire to improve your physical condition or the desire to regain it.

- Achieve a positive elevation gain on a groomed trail of approximately 250 m in one hour

- Make ski descents on blue slopes by making regular turns with parallel skis

BLUE LEVEL - Prerequisites:

You practice skiing on blue slopes. You snowshoe and want to develop your discovery radius.
You want to combine effort and pleasure of the descent. You have to be able to go down blue slopes by linking regular turns of medium radius.


- Creates the desire to discover the winter mountain environment.

- Discover the spirit of traveling on skis.

- Define a goal of a notable place to reach where you can experience unique moments (silence, panoramas, views of possible hiking sites afterwards). Picnic possibility.

- Climbing on marked or off-piste trails

- Descent on slopes.

- We gain autonomy with the equipment in the raised and lowered position.

- We become familiar with the equipment for searching for avalanche victims.

- 350 to 400 meters of ascent represents approximately 1.5 to 2 hours of effort and should be suitable for those with little training.

RED LEVEL - Prerequisites:

You practice skiing by being able to go down red slopes by linking together regular turns of small radii and making changes of pace. Be able to move sportily on hilly terrain for around 1 hour.

Off-piste climb.


- Achieve 400 to 600 meters of elevation gain

-Practice of the DVA (avalanche victim detector)

- Simple DVA search

- Clearing avalanche victims.

-Practice map reading.

- Understand the instructions related to an off-piste route.

-Discovery of all-snow skiing

BLACK LEVEL – Prerequisites:

Aimed at people practicing ski touring. You must be able to go off-piste in all snow and terrain.

You must practice regular physical activity such as jogging, cycling, cross-country skiing or walking. Level Black exits can be carried out based on a prior assessment of the level of skiing up and down. You must master the search for avalanche victims. Outings are entirely dependent on snow and weather conditions.

Definition: This is the level where you can achieve 800 to 1000 meters of elevation gain, which already requires a little regular practice and good training.

Goals :

- Climb while securing your progress.

- Descent while securing your progress with a loaded backpack.

- Achieve a positive elevation gain of around 800 to 1000m in 3 or 4 hours.

- Make ski descents on all types of snow, in forests and steep slopes.

- Spring skiing far from the ski area.

- Practice several days of ski touring in a row.

- Carry out the activity throughout Mercantour.

- Carry out multi-day outings.

- Spring skiing (March-April)

- DVA practice.

- Search and rescue of avalanche victims.

-Practice map reading.

- Manage a safe route when going up and down.

- Discovery of all-snow skiing with a loaded backpack.


1 hour 50
for 1 to 2 pax